Thursday, May 17, 2007

My plus size wardrobe

Five months post pregnancy, my wardrobe is still filled with over sized clothes. I wonder if I have gone comfortable wearing loose clothes. No doubt, it is easier to manage the Lil General wearing comfortable clothing rather than fitting ones that makes conscious all the time if it looks good or is something leaking somewhere. I wish there were easily available maternity clothes in India apart from those ridiculously expensive ones in upscale stores/malls. Even places such as Fabindia don't have maternity clothing so I resorted to over sized clothing last summer that made me look like clothes on a hanger with tummy fitting and everything else that was at least 3 sizes big.

I hate to admit but none of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit me anymore. Ever since I have come back, I have been donning on each one of my older clothes every evening only to put them away in a "clothes-to-be-given" closet which is growing bigger to the point of overflowing by the day. It is sad because so many of them are brand new Gap and Ralph Lauren trousers with no scope for loosening. Not that I was 26 size before pregnancy but even a size 30 will be a dream come true now. Time for some yoga and getting back in shape.