Sometimes when you see a thing too often and when you are so close to it, you don't realise its value. A kid's smile is one such for a mom like me. Having been with the Lil General for over 4 months day in day out through his crying (sorry screaming) colic days to happy days of turning and cooing, whatever he does now seems natural to me and I don't look at it with so much awe as The Seniol (Lil General's dad) does.

We got back to Pune last week and this has been the first continuous week for The Seniol with his son since he was born. And the first week for me without the amazing support system I had at my parents' through my delivery until now. So all that the Ll General does makes The Seniol very happy - how he sleeps on is tummy, how he attracts attention when two adults are talking, how he plays with water while bathing, how he listens to the blues etc etc..

After his first work day last Friday, The Seniol got back home tired and sat next to the Lil General who was busy banging his head to the floor trying to crawl and push himself forward. Realising a creature next to him, he turned his head slowly, weighed in The Seniol's presence and after a quick assessment that he posed no danger, flashed this big smile that made The Seniol say, "Aah...the biggest stress buster of all. Thank you. All my day's tiredness and madness at work has gone off my mind." And they played and played until both of them were exhausted. Now this is a happy family and a moment to remember.