I missed The Simple Life during pregnancy. Glad to have got it back.

  1. Sleeping on my back without anyone waking me up at the middle of the night asking me to sleep on my left

  2. No vomiting at midnight for another zillion years

  3. Be able to tie my shoe laces and wax my legs

  4. Fit in my favorite pair of jeans again..haven't tried yet. Difficult to outgrow thos ematernity clothes

  5. Not be sent back by the parlour lady when I go for threading..al because I was 38 weeks pregnant then.

  6. Go up and down the stairs

  7. Eat anything without that damn heartburn

  8. Walk in the middle of the road without attracting attention and sympathy

  9. Run upto the next door grocery store to pick something after 7:00 p.m. alone

  10. Go in my scooty again and not be forced into THE car everytime