1. Instruction to milk man, newspaper boy, maid, iron-wala: Knock on the door. Please don't ring the bell. Mom was just short of putting up a poster on the door that read "Don't ring the bell." Thank God no one suggested switching it off.

  2. Dad has a high pitched voice, like the one who is used to working in a high-noise manufacturing environment for a good part of their lives. So whenever dad would come down, we would be motioning our hands just like the scene in F.R.I.E.N.D.S where Ross asks his buddies Chandler and Joey to keep it down.And believe me dad would be equally annoyed as those guys were.

  3. Hell would break lose if the phone rang at 3:00 p.m. What on earth was one thinking to call at that unearthly hour I would think while mom would answer the call patiently?

  4. Lets not even get started on TV's volume. It was struggle and constant reminder to everyone to keep it low.

  5. No washing machine, no mixie.

And all these so that LG could sleep uninterrupted. Come to think of it now, maybe we stretched it too far. Maybe, not. So tired were our bodies that I could have traded in anything in the world for an hour of uninterrupted sleep. Thinking of the first 8 weeks is a nightmare even now when the colic days were at its peak and putting to sleep took 2 hours while he slept for a max of 40 mins.