As LG grows older, so are his antics. Blowing raspberries in the air is his favorite pastime now. He removes his mouth from the bottle, blows in the air and smiles naughtily. He prefers the fingers of his legs to the bottle. Holding both his legs with his hands and making a motion amuses him. He looks for encouragement and then repeats the same. Cause and effect is becoming clear to him now.

While feeding, he bites me and when I stare angrily at him, he looks away and then giggles so loudly that amazes me. Feeding for moms after the baby is 3 months old is an enjoyable experience. LG plays with me all the time while feeding, holds a fistful of my hair, runs his fingers down my face, holds my bangles and generally gives an affectionate sweet smile that makes you forget everything.