Friday, September 07, 2007

Pursed lips and no eye contact

LG jumps at every opportunity to be all over me - biting my face, pulling my hair, blowing raspberries on my arms to make farting sounds and that ear-to-ear smile when I play peek-a-boo. But he has been resisting all of this and has even transformed his open-mouth grin flashing the pearlies into a closed one, so careful that his lips don't even have a millimeter gap and turns away from me. What if momma finds a crack to let the spoon in, he thinks!

For over two weeks now, he has been giving me a hard time by not eating. I've tried different varieties of home made solids such as rice-dal-curd that he loved earlier to mashed mixed vegetables as beans-carrots-beets-peas-tomatoes to mashed potatoes to different kinds of cereals as Cerelac (Apple-Cherry) /Cerelac (dal -palak)/ Nestum (mixed vegetables), but nothing is working for long. Some days he has his lunches without the slightest fuss. Dinners have been a problem all through. He does like what he eats - I can tell that but he doesn't want to make the effort to eat and my guess is he wants the most convenient form of food in the nights - either mother's feed or formula. His Paed reassured saying his weight is good and growth tends to be slow down at this age and there is no reason for worry and that he be fed when he is hungry. Force feeding doesn't work, he said and I am experiencing that. Nothing can make his lips open when he doesn't want to eat - no amount of antics. Changing his schedules, environment, the posture in which he is fed to the feeding cups I use - I've tried them all. I just hope its a phase that will pass through quickly. Its tough not to get worried as I drive The Seniol up the wall everyday with my he-has-not-eaten-a-spoon story everyday. For now, the worms in the gutter are growing fatter and fatter - all of LG's food goes to them on time!