Wednesday, September 05, 2007

High Chair

Yet another accessory for Lil General to make my life comfortable. We are on a shopping spree every weekend for LG. Life does change after a kid - when you are out you buy all the time for kids even if you had planned to buy something for yourself before leaving home.

So we got the high chair that I saw last week, rather a better one than the one I had chosen. Of late, it has become a difficult to feed him. He spills so much over my clothes that I ought to change him and myself after every feed and the huge pile of laundry in all colors at the end of the day is a delightful sight to a tired parent. To add to this, he keeps getting away from me or starts crawling after every spoon. This I guess is nothing unusual but I found difficult to cope because he has been a non fussy eater all through. So this sudden change left me short of ideas - was it because he did not like the food or he was not comfortable the way I was feeding him. Having tried everything possible from changing his diet to the environment, we decided on getting the high chair yesterday chair after his bout of vomiting. Not much has changed. Of course, it is less messy and LG can't get away from easily, so that's one less thing to deal with.

Things you should keep in mind while choosing a high chair :

  1. There are a lot of brands and choices available starting from Rs. 800 to Rs. 2000. Look for how sturdy the chair is.

  2. The one I bought has two restraining straps to secure the child - one at the waist and one at the crotch.

  3. A clamp that locks onto the table for added security.

  4. Caps or plugs on tubing that firmly attach and cannot be pulled off by a child.

Despite all these safety features, it is advisable never to leave the child unattended. Its not even been a day and he is already trying to find ways to free himself of the straps and get out of it after 10 mins.