Thursday, September 06, 2007

A dumb mother

Looking back, I realize how dumb I have been. Sometimes, it doesn't hurt to acknowledge your ignorance in front of the world. Enough reason below to tag me a dumb mama :

  • We were the least prepared for the arrival of our baby. If it hadn't been for mom, I guess The Seniol would have been shopping for nappies, white clothes, blankets, baskets, nursery, Johnson's baby products the night LG was born. We did not have a single item bought that prepared us for the new mother and child.

  • This is my favorite. I did not know what peek-a-boo was. Every time Baby Center told me playing peek-a-boo will delight your baby, I would stop by the nearest kid's shop and ask for the peek-a-boo toy. What dumb schmuck I was.

  • When LG's teeth first appeared, I did not know they had to be cleaned on a daily basis with a brush. What was I waiting for. all the 28 to show up. I wasted a good 4 weeks before starting to clean his pearly whites.