We, as a family, are great at making plans and quite updated on what needs to be done when. We just don't get it done soon enough and are turning into super slackers. One such item on the list forever has been to get LG's passport done. With a trip to Bahrain in April for Formula 1 on the 2008 Travel Planner, we just feel there's still a lot of time to make LG eligible for travel outside the country.

Living with me is a pain as I am a constant nagger and behind everyone's back to get things done and tick them off the list. So, today evening, I just got LG dressed and announced we are heading to the photo shop. The Seniol had little choice and off we went to FotoFast amidst all the Ganesh Chaturthi procession chaos.

Coincidentally, I had read this post Caught on Camera and wondered if it would be a big affair taking LG's picture. After a moment's thought, I dismissed knowing fully well, he would only be too happy to smile at the shutterbug. I was right! Bring a camera into the room and LG will crawl up to you to give his best pose...It's actually the LED doing the trick :) He still can't sit by himself on a raised platform without support. So, I held onto him from the back careful of my arms not appearing. It required three shots from the photographer to get the best picture.
It took all of 20 minutes to walk in, get the picture printed and walk out. That was fast. And the result was amazing... we love the picture and hope the PP guys will too and process his PP on time.