I can count the number of dresses The Seniol and I have bought for Lg - just a handful of them maybe. All the rest from day 1 until today and some more dresses that a year old can wear were gifts mainly from his patti/thatha and other set of grandparents. My mom bought a dress for LG every time she went out for the first five months. She got so obsessive about buying dresses in all colors and patterns that we were soon running out of closet space. Finally, she gave in to my cribbing that I wouldn't have so much space in Pune (for the lack of wood work) and anyways whats the point if your child is going to outgrow them in a matter of weeks.

She came up with a novel idea that I wouldn't have the time to shop for clothes so she would stock for an entire year and started buying clothes for 12-18 months baby, when he was all of 4 months. I reassured her I didn't live in a jungle and was competent enough to shop for her grandson. Within weeks of coming here, The Seniol's parents visited us and got a load of 20 dresses. I guess that's what you call grand parental love. The nightmare has just begun. I started sorting them out based on their size and since then, every month I put away the old clothes of LG, take from the stock inside what might fit him that month. Its an ongoing exercise that you can't afford to put off for long. Before soon, you will realise your kid has outgrown them and those dresses would have to be neatly packed away to be gifted to someone else. For now, I've been doing a good job.