Thursday, September 13, 2007

Taste for good things in life

Lil General has a taste for good things in life. He was born with it, I guess. Ever since he started crawling, it is difficult to keep him away from something he eyes on. I've tried my best to limit the damage around this house with little success.

According to him, anything with a wire dangling tastes good. The heydays of Netgear, Bose Cube Speaker, DVD remote, land line instrument and the money plant in the balcony are over. Isn't his choice of things to taste amazing?

The list gets better and better. I will never be done with childproofing this home. Every day, there is yet another thing to kept away from his reach. When I think I'm done, he surprises me. The number of things on the floor right now can be counted which is far better than what it was a month back with many cartons and knick knack strewn around. Still he manages to push himself through the gap in the grill gate and reach for the shoes lying outside. Or open the bathroom door with a kick and turn down the laundry basket. 24 hour supervision is the thing he needs.

Of the things he likes to taste, here are a few (in the order of his fondness):

1. Me and his dad.
2. Slippers (it is a rare sight as we have started keeping the bathroom slippers inside the bathroom and walk barefoot in the rest of the home now).
2. Cooker
3. Broom and dirty bucket of water (from mopping the floor)
4. Door mats
5. TV and speaker wires
6. The railings of the grill
7. Laundry basket
8. His toys

any object irrespective of its shape, size and color has to be first felt, turned around and then ofcourse put in his mouth. Of late, he has started throwing things around too.

As I write this, I hear a bang and lo! the glass of the TV stand that he couldn't reach until yesterday is on the floor - this post can wait while I assess the damage.


Timepass said...

Very cute pic

L said...

Thank you!