Someone Googled for what to do on a Friday night when pregnant, so I decided to write a post on the same. Before LG came along, The Seniol and I had a hectic working life and looked forward a great deal to the weekend. We were lazy animals who would just lie on the carpet all weekend channel surfing just getting up intermittently to satisfy hunger pangs,turn the knob on the washing machine, going out to run some essential errands and once a month trip to the mall promising to do such trips more often (ofcourse that never happened). Home was paradise and that didn't change after I got pregnant. What a boring life, right? But we enjoyed it and still do. Not the regular party animals or the social sorts to draw up elaborate plans. We could stand each other for 48 hours without meeting another human being.

If you still think I might have some brilliant ideas on what to do on a Friday night at home, go on and read the rest:

  1. One ritual I religiously followed was listening to World Space every Friday night. After 9:30 p.m., they played some amazing numbers from the 90's that brought back memories of growing up in school. Second trimester was hard. Couldn't find a comfortable position to sleep as back hurt and leg cramps haunted me every night. Falling asleep took longer than the hours I slept. That's when we discovered the magic of World space. The Seniol would play it for me every Friday night and I slept like a baby.

  2. Eating outside made me feel nauseated and gave a lot of heartburn. So I stopped eating fried food from outside. Once in a while we would order Pizzas home and enjoy a quiet dinner.

  3. Late nights in pune are amazing - clear skies, good breeze. We would just draw up two chairs on the balcony and gaze outside while our favorite puppies in the neighborhood would be out on a walk at 11:30 p.m. Sometimes small things in life give me more happiness.

  4. When The Seniol traveled, I would just enjoy my Friday night with a book in hand. Of course, you have to be careful about your choice of books. Read stuff that makes you happy. As such, pregnancy is so very tiring physically and emotionally that you don't want it to be harder by reading sad stuff.

  5. If you are the sorts who love talking to each other, then do all the talking now. You won't get a chance for quite sometime after the baby comes along :)

  6. Though it is advised that pregnant women walk regularly after dinners so as to get a sound sleep, I found it very difficult to on working days. Friday nights was when we usually went for a long walk.