Sunday, July 08, 2007

The giant leap

A few friends from the place I worked at last dropped in today to see LG. This is the first time I'm meeting all of them since we returned to Pune and it was a good change for LG to see so many people other than The Seniol and me. Yes, he doesn't get intimidated seeing strangers and reserves his best smile for people he doesn't know, that does sound strange doesn't it. As usual, he got nice gifts - a Fisher Price doggy whom I would call "Snoopy" and a dress of my favorite color - floru green.

So , he is just roughly 2 weeks away from completing seven months and he hasn't started crawling. Though I'm not a sucker for milestones and expect him to do everything per the baby calendar, I have to agree that it does bother me a little when every other person on earth who sees him asks him, "He hasn't sat up yet? He hasn't started crawling?". As a result, on a recent visit to the Paed, I voiced my concern casually to which the Doc replied, "Don't worry. You can expect a month's delay in his sitting/crawling milestones. He requires enough strength on his hands to lift himself up.". In short, Lil General had 'weighty' issues. I wouldn't go into the details of what that meant but lets just assume he was doing quite well for an average Indian baby at 1 year.

After my friends left, we got him inside and placed him on his bed. In about 10 minutes, he lifted himself up and pushed 2 steps ahead. The Seniol called in excitedly, "Here, he has moved." It made us happy. It was one small step for LG, a giant leap for his parents.