Its hardly been a week since Lil General has started crawling. And he does it all the time. Wakes up in the middle of the night to crawl ..he has got this keeda in his head that has drained me of all the energy. He takes his quick power naps, energizes himself and there he is all over the place. Putting his face underneath a stool and not knowing how to come out, switching on and off the DVD player and worst of all today he has found his way out of the room...I found him near my slippers once and next he was near the door mat. I guess I need to shut all the doors and not leave him alone for more than 5 mins...

I already feel so drained out and need a break from this insanity...I really really do. It is such a relief when he goes to sleep which he hardly ever does now for more than 10 mins. Who would have imagined raising a child would be so difficult..every month of a kid's development presents its own challenges...and today is definitely no the day when I feel like writing I totally adore my child and his smile makes my tiredness go away and you know ll that mushy mushy stuff one generally reads..Sorry, I'm human and this is totally beyond me today doing the same old stuff over and over and over again without a break for 7 months now!

Note to me: Maybe I should take down this post once I feel better. I wonder if I am the only one amongst all those nice mommies in the blogosphere who feels this way. All of them write such nice things that makes for a feel-good reading.