With The Seniol traveling for 4 days to South Africa, LG has not been his normal self. He was very sad this evening looking constantly at the door waiting for his dad to make an appearance and play head butting with him as usual. It was 7:00 p.m., then 8:00 p.m. and still there was no sign. I couldn't take it anymore.
The evening encounters between father and son is a stress buster for me. I feel so happy looking at Lil General laugh so loudly so carefree fully enjoying himself. They play rough games and enjoy it to the fullest. As soon as The Seniol gets back from work, he changes, washes himself and is all set within 5-7 minutes ready to attack LG. He lifts him, plays cuchi-coo, headbutts, LG bites him and The Seniol bites back, rocks and rolls on his leg and they rub against each other. And they do this with all the sound effects and the show goes on until both of them are tired. It is The Seniol who gets tired the first and gives up and just at that vulnerable moment LG attacks him and pulls his hair and scratches his face.
He was crying constantly today and I didn't know what to do when an idea struck me - The Seniol and his dad have amazingly similar voices. So I called up my father-in-law and asked him to use the same words such as "Kidoo", "Juniol" that the Seniol uses while calling LG. LG was excited as he couldn't differentiate the voice but sadness set in soon as he couldn't sight the Seniol anywhere and frantically started turning and searching for his dad. He crawled aimlessly. There was sadness in his eyes..he was feeling low. You could tell it with one look. I felt miserable but sometimes you have to do things for a job, don't you. Travel is a part of today's job and atleast one of us has to do it in the family, right?. The show must go on...