Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Kangaroo baby gets a peck

Last evening, I was out for walk with LG on my baby carrier. This was our first walk in over a week, thanks to the monsoon. A friend (M) who has a 18 month old daughter stays nearby and I usually call her for the walk. Bonding time :)
Anyways, so it was all a a hushed up affair yesterday as I gazed out the window with no drizzle or shower in sight, I called her up and asked me to meet at the corner of our avenue in 5 mins. I hastily dressed, put on a onesy for LG. Man, the cranky baby had suddenly become a happy baby seeing me change and get him a new dress and diaper. It meant we were going out and he was excited at the fact and started making babbling sounds and beating his hands and legs up in the air. I put him in the carrier across my shoulder and we were off.

After a good 45 mins walk, my back bone started creaking or at least that's what I always imagine lifting LG, we were doing the customary bye-bye for over 10 mins. Just then, one from a group of college girls returning home suddenly approached me and caught me totally unawares. She felt LG's cheeks and remarked "such a cute baby." I was surprised by the way LG reacted. He smiled sheepishly , looked at me as though for approval and then turned the other way - the happy kangaroo child as he is known in our neighbourhood.