Thursday, July 19, 2007

A personalized gift idea for a baby..

Very rarely do parents shop clothes for their kids in the first year until and unless it is something specific seasonal clothing they are looking for. Atleast that how it was with LG and a few other friends I know. LG's grandparents, neighbors and friends showered him with so many dresses that will last an year - in all colors, designs, textures etc.

Whenever you have to gift for a newborn, I see the same old things being repeated such as toys - rattles, soft toys, teething toys and then there's standard Johnson's gift box and clothes..

In an old issue of Femina I saw this and liked the idea of gifting something personalized such as receiving sheet with the baby's name written on it. Sure, it is expensive than your normal gifts but if it is for someone special then I'm sure it will make them feel good going that extra mile. Check this out -