Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Why kids love maids?

The affectionate kid-maid relationship is a ghar ghar ki kahani. Even the reserved and kaam-se-matlab maids let their guard down when it comes to infants in the houses they work at. The attraction is magical, almost instantaneous and it stays on for quite a while.

Maids are an important part of happy childhood memories in any person's life, generally. Ofcourse there are always exceptions.
LG used to respond to Amudha when he was all of 5 weeks. One call from her saying "Thambi" and he would turn his head. Similarly, at Pune, he is so fond of Aparna aunty that this has come to my rescue when The Seniol is away. He forgets momentarily that The Seniol is not around and enjoys playing with her laughing carefree just the way he would with his dad.
I have no idea what is responsible for this universally, but it is perhaps because they seem them everyday and their affection comes with no string attached. No questions asked, no judgement made and advice given that is well-intentioned. Jealousy, inquisitiveness and competitiveness are no where in the radar unlike those amongst your circle with the same age group friends. This is not to say al of them are that way but sometimes you do it unintentionally and sub consciously..anyways I'm digressing. With the great Indian joint family giving way to nuclear families, it means a lot to the kids to see a new face other than their moms or grand parents'.