Eating on the edge from my other blog reflections is the history behind this post. Some kids are very cooperative like Lil General when we are out but then they turn fussy if you don't time your outing right or if you as a parent forget to take some of the kids' essentials that will keep them engaged while you do your stuff.

Always keep the essentials ready in your baby's bag comes in handy during an emergency when you have to leave in a very short notice.So here's a list of what you need to pack in your baby's bag before stepping out of the house:

  1. Clothing : Cotton shorts / one set of clothes / 2 diapers/2 nappy pads with a nappy liner, depending on how long you will be gone. A receiving sheet, socks, mittens and cap based on how the weather is.

  2. Toys: It makes good sense to carry your infants's favorite toy/teether if you are going to a restaurant.

  3. Food : Always feed the baby before you step out. If the baby is asleep when you leave, ensure you carry his/her next feed handy to be prepared easily. If the baby is bottle fed then carry hot water in the bottle and the formula separately, so that you can just add the formula when the baby wakes up, shake it and feed. It is going to be a little cumbersome if it is some other solid food, so until your baby is an year old you might want to time when you go out so that it doesn't clash with your baby's routine. Always carry an extra set of sipper or bottle.

  4. If both of you have mobiles, carry both of them. Do not leave one behind.

  5. I always do this - I carry some extra cash in the baby's bag itself. I might forget everything but very rarely do I forget LG's bag.

  6. Cardinal Rule: There is nothing like round the corner form home for a baby. If you are away from home and have plans of being gone for more than 60 minutes, then it is an outing and a good idea to always carry the baby's bag, so that you don't have to change your plans and run back home for that diaper/shorts.

  7. Always carry an umbrella in the monsoon even if you are driving an have a pram with a hood. In a place like Pune, it makes good sense.