Thursday, November 22, 2007

An infant-proof cellphone

An acquaintance of ours is very fond of cell-phones; she keeps changing them quarterly - more out of necessity than out of choice. Her infant daughter keeps tossing the cell-phone into a bucket of water or throws it like a saucer - with the mother left to search for the parts and see if it can be fixed. More often than not, the phone is reduced into a vegetable good enough for nothing; sometime when they are lucky calls come through though outgoing gets disabled or the ringer doesn't ring and the voices are all muffled. On a lighter note, it is fine once in a while as it keeps the phone bill under check :)

I'd been fortunate enough until this morning as far as cellphones go. While I was busy packing The Seniol's lunch, LG found the prefect moment with no one keeping an eye on him to reach for my already half dead phone on the table and pull it down. You gotta see the look on his phone - what an accomplishment!

I did not inspect the phone immediately for the damage - you know how busy mornings can be. Later during the day, when the phone rang and died all that was left of the phone was a bright blue screen with no signal coming in. Great I thought, but I trust my old Nokia so much to have given up hope. And lo! the old guy started up alright after reinserting the battery, so what if the keypad is about to come off. It serves its purpose. Maybe Nokia should capitalize on this in their ads - an infant proof cellphone!