Monday, November 26, 2007

Why are kids so averse to dressing up?

LG wets his pants a million times between dawn and dusk..I'm not kidding, seriously! The weather has only made it worse. I don't believe in putting on diaper while we are at home, so that explains why I'm always checking every 5 mins if his pants are wet and 9 out of 10 times, I'm right.
If it was just his pants, it's an easy job. Remove the soiled one and put on a new one. But the problem is it doesn't stop there, it goes way beyond that. In the process of crawling and standing and hanging from the furniture, he makes sure that his shirt and socks also get wet in River Nile.
Removing the wet clothes is easy but putting on fresh ones requires the strength of two well-grown adults, which I presume the The Seniol and I are. While The Seniol usually holds his hands, I change him. Believe me, its a battlefield and to any outsider it would seem from LG's antics as if we are torturing him by getting him dressed.
We've come to time ourselves like the Formula 1 pit stops and I have miles to go before I can reach the Ferrari standards..still on Minardi levels.