Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Meet Lil General's new friend - Beethoven!

This was a chance meeting that will forge a friendship for a lifetime, something that LG will cherish as part of his growing up in Pune. The place where we live in Pune has a lot of bungalows so there's a dog in every one of them except a handful. since the dogs go on a walk every morning and late evening, we know almost each one of them; come on we've been seeing them everyday for the past two years. So if there's a new dog in the neighborhood, it's not hard to know.

After we got from our vacation to Amritsar, we spotted this new pup who was very cute - there's was no other breed like his here. He is a St.Bernard and looked so much like Beethoven that we named him Beethu. LG loved seeing him. Then one five evening last week, while we were on our customary evening walks so was Beethu. LG and Beethu met and instantly loved each other. Beethu reached for LG's legs and LG wasn't scared, he leaped forward to touch him. I am scared of dogs and pulled him back. I learned from Beethoven's owner that his name is Caesar; he is two months old and was sent as a gift from Delhi. The lderly gentleman who takes Caesar for a walk has promised to stop by everyday so that LG and Beethu can bond.