Accessories are an essential part of a child's life and growing up these days. We bought what we thought was absolutely essential and made my life and LG's comfortable. For instance, we invested in a high chair but did not get a bouncer or rocking chair, though there's a separate room for LG we co-sleep and don't have a crib, he has a bathtub and two potty chairs but not a swing. I tried balancing between the old school of parenting techniques and the accessories available these days all the while keeping in mind not to get him into a habit that would be a problem for us. I'm told kids who get used to bouncers at a young age demand rocking even when they are over 5 months old , so I consciously avoided doing that. As far as potty training goes, sure, when we grew up, our mothers had a different technique of placing us between her feet during our bowel movement. Since potty chairs are easy, comfortable and makes sens these days, I invested in one. Again, high chair inculcates good eating habits in a kid. I did not straight away go for this one. When LG started crawling he was all over the place and my dress was multi colored by the time he finished eating. His eating habits have drastically improved ever since I got the high chair and I make it a point to feed him only in that.

The three best buys so far for LG has been :

  1. Shampoo Hat - I totally vouch for this one. It has made washing his hair so very simple. No crying, no fear of shampoo going to his eyes or water going into his ear.

  2. High chair - has made eating times enjoyable for him as well as me. He relates to sitting in the high chair to his meal time and is quick to finish his food without any distraction.

  3. Black and Decker Kettle - This kettle was a gift from mom. water gets boiled within minutes. And it was very useful while he was on formula when I would have to sterilize bottles many times a day.

The other buys such as pram / sling, bath tub are regular which most of them anyways do these days.

The three worst buys for LG so far has been :

  1. Potty chair

  2. Air filled chair


Anonymous said...

where did u buy the shampoo hat and the brand?

Anonymous said...

where di u buy the shampoo and the brand name?