Lil General's First Birthday is less than a month away. We are still living up to the slacker image - yes, even after a baby. Haven't zeroed in on a place to have the party or made guest-lists or know what we want to do. We've been thinking about this for months now; the plan is all in the head and this week, we also figured what we don't want to do. So, that just brings us a step closer; if you know what you don't want, maybe it's easier to figure what you want. So, you might think?

Anyway, I'm looking for suggestions on a theme for LG's first birthday party. The boy rocks; he is aggressive and loves orange color. We don't want to have the regular run-of-mill birthday parties which is more a get-together of whom you know and who you haven't met in a long while and this was just a good occasion to catch up.

Wear your creative cap; go ahead and leave a comment with your suggestions.