Friday, November 02, 2007

There's no such thing as damage control

Just when I thought I had it all figured out and that everything in the house was safe from the little naughty monster we have at home, Lil General goes on to prove how wrong his mother can be. I underestimated LG as I have always done. The house was steer clear of everything at ground level and before I could get a breather, LG was all over stuff at the 4 feet level.
The Seniol has a plan - that we should make a list of all the things that LG breaks and recover it from him once he grows up. That way The Seniol is creating employment for me; if not a full day job it sure qualifies for a part time one - the task of listing damaged things around the house starting with the sofa at my mom's place which is soaked in LG's newborn urine. 10 months later, mom says it still smells (pleasantly for her) of LG.
So, the latest victim was a beautiful glass vase on the kitchen partition. Mom was visiting me last year while I was pregnant and she planted a money plant in the vase. She loved the vase and i had two pieces of the same and gave her one. The money plant grew into a beautiful creeper in this one year - long enough for LG to grab hold of a leaf and pull the entire vase down. There it lay in pieces while I read the newspaper with my morning cup of tea - that's how we start Sunday mornings with our 10 month old. My heart broke picking up the pieces and I started wondering how many more precious items will he end up breaking before growing up. The day before he broke my thermos. There's really no such thing as childproofing a home completely. You can only do so much. Or if you want to play it real safe, empty the house totally; pack everything into cartons and transport them to your lofts and live a boring life. I choose not to do that.The new safe height is 6 feet. I'll keep you posted on LG's next victim.