Friday, November 09, 2007

LG's First Diwali

So, this was Lil General's first Deepavali yesterday and first Diwali today. Yes, some advantages of being a multicultural family is that you get to celebrate Diwali for two days. We did the traditional oil bath-pooja-legiyam-sweet eating-new dress ritual yesterday morning. Distributed sweets to friends and tagged LG along. We fired crackers and lighted diyas today completing the Diwali celebration. It was fun all the way except this evening due to a minor misunderstanding with a friend that deserves no space here..

The highlight of the day was the sweet and memorable encounter with Caesar aka Beethu this morning. We have lately started taking LG out for a walk in the mornings as well. Just as we stepped out of the house, Beethu was right there..on our porch. I called out for him and within minutes he was all over LG. Lg on the other hand reciprocated Caesar's love and stretched his hands and put his fingers into his mouth showing no signs of fear. It was touching to see the affection between the two and how they've become fond of each other in a short span of time. after letting the two play for a few mins, we bid goodbyes. Lil General all the way kept looking back from his pram while Caesar had to be beaten by a stick (which I don't approve of at all :( ) by uncle and dragged away from our front gate. He insisted on sitting by our gate even after we had left. The Seniol said, "dogs are like human kids; only that they are more loyal". Well said! So, that was a good start to the day.

In the evening after a long nap, I started by dressing LG in another set of new clothes - a Gini & Jony one. Then, as The Seniol held LG, I lit diyas on our balcony. LG was very excited,jumping, and beating his chest to show his happiness as he saw the candles lined up beautifully on the balcony. Later, we took him down to show the fireworks while we also lit a few sparklers; the noisy ones were kept to a minimum this year. There were moments when he enjoyed it; times when he grew restless and times when he seemed withdrawn. On the whole his sleep-hunger routine interfered with the firework session and he was not for it. Kids this age don't experience fear I guess. Atleast, there were no signs of that and neither was he alarmed at the excessive noise level today. We kept the fireworks session short and got back home.

Last Diwali, he was kicking inside me. This year, he was amongst us and life can't get any better.