Tuesday, September 02, 2008

LG's demanding social life

A visit to all houses in the apartment building with doors open, running behind every child in his line of sight, playing with an unattended cycle or toy, greeting the gardener and all ladies employed for maintenance, interacting with the maids in his limited vocabulary with the aaay-oooyyy and squeezing a 3 hour nap to re-energise does take a great deal of time and energy; it's something that his aging mom finds difficult to keep up with.

LG's days are so packed with activity that my work has taken a back seat. I've still not accepted more than I can handle. With the limited work I've agreed to do, I stay up late night or wake up early morning to send in my assignments on time never taking a chance to keep it till the last minute. The laptop is still vulnerable and LG is of the opinion that moms are meant to play with kids all day lifting him at his wish to let him turn on the aquaguard or switch on the exhaust fan like a zillion times a day. Seriously, from the time his grand parents have come he has found a new way of getting things done. All he needs to do is go to his grand pa with raised arms and he is rest assured the genie will grant his wish. Without so much as flinching an eyelid or showing a sign of exhaustion, his grand pa lifts him to let him switch on the exhaust or plays to his whims and fancies of fetching a toy or opening a tight lid or let him play with the extension cord that he knows his mom won't let him. It worries me at times that it is not a good sign because he is at an age where he understands how to get things done and from whom. A "no" from me for something and he throws a huge tantrum which wasn't the case earlier. I would let him cry for a while for unreasonable demands and he would be fine. But, it's changing now.

The kids here ride cycles that LG has grown fond of. He doesn't have a similar one but he does have a horse at home that can be ridden. Similarly, there is another car which was gifted to him. I'm not for buying an expensive cycle which I know he would ride for not more than a day. Things that belong to other kids are always appealing to kids than the stuff they own. Grandparents wish everything for their grand kids - natural instincts arising out of not having bought for their own. You know where this is heading..should I or shouldn't I? I know I can find a middle path.