Friday, September 26, 2008

Open House

We lived in an independent cosy place in Pune with us on the first floor and the owners on the down floor. This gave little opportunity for LG to go knocking on other's doors. But, every time we went out he would ensure knocking on their atleast once. It required a loud bang to be heard inside, so I would just let him knock once and move on unless I wanted them to open the door.

Here in Bangalore, we live in an apartment giving LG enough chances to see open doors and other people. He perceives the sight of a open door as an invitation to enter. Letting him walk down the stairs and in the open corridor is asking for trouble. I can't keep pace with him as he scuttles to enter any apartment and I follow him embarrassingly to get him outside. I've no idea how to teach him that it's not alright to step in anywhere, anytime. Fact is not all people enjoy the company of kids.