Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Two more toys to the stable

Until a month back, in Pune, it was just the drawing room that was littered with toys. Here in Bangalore, all the rooms are a minefield of play objects with one having to watch carefully down before setting the next foot. Unlike Pune, the storage space is ample but then toys are meant to be scattered all over for immediate usage, isn't it? For easy access, I've given him two huge laundry baskets to store all the stuffed toys and the zillions of plastic parts ripped apart but who cares?

He draws fun from turning the whole thing upside down. As if this wasn't enough, I took him toy hunting last afternoon to get the musical ABC (popularly known as "The Tutor") and a piano. Honestly, I feel there's all the time in the world for him to learn the ABC's and the 123's - as if our education system would spare the kid. But he is so drawn towards this tutor toy at every house he visits, that I thought maybe having one at home will keep him off the switches for a while. I was more keen on the Piano and picked up one. And to my surprise, he liked the piano more than the ABC one and has been hanging onto it since last evening - the longest a game has stayed intact with parts not ripped open or trying to be unscrewed with a driver. It's been a day and the interest hasn't weaned which is a good sign.