Monday, September 01, 2008

A toddler's itchy bum

For the past fortnight, LG's posterior has been a cause of concern. Itchy, irritating he finds comfort on being rubbed or massaged with oil. We took him to the Ped when it got worse one day last week as he couldn't lie down to sleep comfortably. Finding a satisfactory Pediatrician is akin to going on a treasure hunt. If you find one, you are lucky else it's just a case of hit and trial. Having been very fortunate in finding cool docs at Trichy and Pune (after two trials ofcourse), the Bangalore experience wasn't all that great. We emerged out of the Doc's room and The Seniol and I wore a glum look; not because of what the Doc had diagnosed but the cold attitude that didn't exude any warmth. Post-consultation analysis and we found the missing factor - "not making us feel at home with no effort of making a connection." With the Pune doc, we always came out smiling no matter what the situation and time of day it was. We found comfort in his tell-it-as-is reassuring words with the offer of calling him anytime of the day/night. And, yes, he did take his calls. ALWAYS.

Back to the Bangalore Doc for the bum problem. He diagnosed it could be because of a) worms or so most docs would say he thought. b) insufficient intake of water. c) slow digestion.

He prescribed some tonics - three to be precise - to boost his digestion. The long list of medicines was my first turn off. Unconvinced with the diagnosis, I refrained from using the prescribed syrups or tonics. His digestion seems alright and so does his frequency of urinating. Have you ever encountered such a problem with your toddler? Any suggestions for a good Ped in Bangalore (East)?


Anonymous said...

where exactky in bangalore east?