Boys start talking late or so I'm told. Fretting over not meeting every milestone to the day, to the month days are over. I enjoy this phase of motherhood and LG's growing up. He does what every toddler does and every moment is lively and enjoyable; worth giving up a career and staying home to see the child grow up; I can whole-heartedly say today I wouldn't trade this for anything else in the world.

So what if he doesn't talk like a pro as girls his age do? Most girls his age and a few boys talk a whole sentence effortlessly but LG's vocabulary comprises of barely a few words even today. But every word he utters gives me immense pride. I had written about Raising a multilingual child worriedly around the same time last year. With all those rules not strictly adhered to, he is currently exposed to Tamil, Hindi and English simultaneously. Exposure to Marathi has come down totally ever since we moved out of Pune to Bangalore.

As I was talking to The Seniol a few minutes ago narrating to him how LG says everything that starts with "n" nasally, I uttered "Nine". Little did I know that LG would immediately back it up with "Ten". Never has he done that. Ever before. So that's a great step forward. On that note, I present his vocabulary at twenty-one months:

Parts of the body:

1. KNnnnno (nasally for Nose)
2. Eeeeeea ( for Ear)
3. Eyes
4. Tee (Teeth)


1. Bhabhi
2. Baby
3. Ma, Amma, Mummum
4. Pa, pappe, paapi, papa
5. Dadi
6. Thai (his own invention for great-granny)
7. Di, didi
8. Akka

Objects of transport:

1. Caaa (car and bike)
2. Aaaapy (for helicopter, wonder where he got that)


1. Bow bow (for doggy - yes, still after all these months can you believe it?)


1. Three
2. Nine
3. Ten

General things:

1. Tree
2. Ow ow (for phone. OK not a real word!)
3. Yes and yea (when I'm on the phone)
4. No (on being reprimanded)
5. Baalish (for rain)
6. Tea
7. Clap