Saturday, September 27, 2008

A toddler's word play

Some genetic characteristics do manifest themselves in kids more prominently than others. And, it's difficult not to notice. I've always told The Seniol that he has a way with words that would floor most people. He can talk his way out of any situation, appease the most difficult of people and get the strong-opined on his side without their realising by playing up their ego. Alright, so it's an art!

I can sense Lil' General inheriting this trait from his father. With his limited vocabulary, he is beginning to get on my nerves through his clever mixture of words and gestures. A difficult eater with each feeding session ranging anywhere between 30 minutes and 1 hour, I use the word "please" liberally during this three-times-a-day exercise. To no effect, of course. The past two days, LG has been using "please" on me while shoving my hand away from him with a pleading face so as not to be fed. It's hard not to draw any similarities with his dad.

Not just this, he's fully aware of actions that would get him reprimanded. So after doing any such act such as poking my eye to point where my eyes are obviously or putting the DVD with back up in the player, he will look at me, pull a long face and point his index finger upright with a nasal "No" that leaves me dumbfounded. Do I have any role at all in his parenting anymore?