Monday, September 15, 2008

Lights On : Electrical Affinity

Hands stretched up requesting the first relenting adult in sight to lift him up so that he can reach for the switchboard. This is the latest obsession of Lil' General - to switch on and off the lights, exhaust fan and find happiness in such simple things of life. It has reached a point that after weeks of taking turns during the day engaging him in this activity, we have grown tired of it. Or more so I realised during my trip to my grand parents' last week.

LG's fondness for electrical appliances started a little after he turned a year old. It was the switches at first followed by powering on the microwave and turning on the AquaGuard to fill bottles of water. It was my mistake partly for I introduced him to these appliances and demonstrated the functioning a few times before indulging him when he requested. Soon, it became a habit and he would fulfil his duty of filling up water bottles every morning and rushing to the kitchen to switch off the microwave when it beeped. Did I forget he was a toddler who would extend his curiosity to other appliances as well? Now, he is a pro in DVD players, Cordless Phones, water dispenser, mixie, food processor, electric kettle, juicer, chopper with the latest addition being the dangerous drilling machine plugged onto an extension cord with no power of course. I never leave him unattended and all these objects are kept out of his reach.

The only explanation I have for his electrical affinity is genetics. My dad is so fond of wires and gadgets that he prefers their company to other living beings :) So much so that mom has recently had to earmark a wardrobe for storing his collection of wires - dig deep and you will find anything from a firewire to all types of chargers. On the other hand, LG finds pleasure in playing with pliers and drivers than his basket of toys. So, I guess it just runs in the family. And, no I'm not taking pride in this if it sounded that way!