Friday, November 28, 2008

Are you Overdressing Your Child?

Socks, Mittens, Leggings, Sweaters, Hats - looks great on kids with barely any skin showing. But is appropriate clothing when you are not living in Alaska or a region that receives snowfall with temperatures plunging to sub zero temperatures? In a tropical country like India where most cities down South except Northern India do not experience severe winter, such dressing is uncalled for, in my opinion. As parents, I feel we tend to overdress kids for fear of their catching cold. I wonder if they feel any colder than we do. Often, I notice kids sweating profusely under layers of warm clothing. Since may are under the care of nannies who are afraid to use their common sense for fear of being reprimanded by parents fail to make the kids comfortable. Very often, when kids demand to have their caps or socks removed, it is seen as a tantrum or not being cooperative.

Of late, I've noticed with LG that if he is cold, he puts on the cap himself. When he is hot, he removes the sweater himself or demands to don one. Often I'm told by friends after seeing LG's clothing and seeing him comfortable that maybe they are indeed overdressing their kids that makes them a tad uncomfortable. Every child is different and dressing needs are different but I think we can do ways with mittens and monkey caps inside home.