Sunday, November 09, 2008

First Sentences

So many posts have been swimming in my head but I can barely keep with the frequency of posting one per day. LG and I have been under the weather which translates to round-the-clock crankiness, foul mood, upset feeding schedules, liberal usage of tissues and napkins and when the Dettol odor outdoes all the scents of home.

LG was just recovering from his week-long series of sore throat, running nose and cough when he contracted it last evening again from me. So much for the affection towards his mom - damn virus! Anyways, today marks a milestone in his vocabulary and I didn't want to miss writing about it. Sneeze can wait another 10 minutes.

LG spoke his first sentence today. A BIG deal. In all honesty not so much as a first sentence - just two words strung together in quick succession that made some sense. He pointed to his granny who was entering the bathroom for a shower and said, "Daaadi jo jo." Wow. I though when it registered after 5 mins. Yea, the brain stops working when you have a cold.

And then later this evening annoyed by the overdressing he wanted his socks removed. However, cold it is I think he is about the only kid in this neighborhood in shorts in t-shirts while the rest go around with the two monkey caps (seriously, no kidding!), sweaters, leggings, and woolen socks. I put on my best patient face and requested LG to sit on my lap for his Bournvita session the Nth time. He agreed but not have his cup of milk but to blackmail me into removing the sock if he were to so much let the cup near his mouth. On seeing me reluctant, he ordered, "Tsockssss kho kho." (read: remove the socks.) Again two words but said in quick succession that made a lot of sense. Boy, we are doing better!