After nights of research on pre-schools and nurseries in Bangalore, endless discussions and advice from other parents in the apartment on the good ones in the vicinity, and numerous visits to most of the schools that made it to my shortlist, I've decided to keep Li'l General out of a big school until June 2010 when he will turn 3.5 years.

When I started this process in early September, it seemed to me that the decision I make now will be life-altering one with dire consequences on LG's education. It has taken me over two months to realize that my son turns only two in a couple of weeks and this is not even nursery education. There is whole life time ahead and I was unnecessarily getting worked up. As I sit back and think, these were the pressures of making the decision as a mother alone with inputs or advice coming form the father which may have been biased because he just heard my side of the story. The Seniol did not visit any of the schools. As it is I was spoilt for choices which only got more complex with LG's age and which grade he should get into - nursery or pre-nursery in June 2009. The schools were not unanimous in this ..I'm actually surprised at this. Shouldn't there a mandatory age the child should have reached before admitting him/her in a nursery class? Thanks to many parents I spoke to and the Principal at Kidzee who advised it is always better to take it slow as the child stands to benefit in the long run which is when I made up my mind to try for nursery admissions next September for June 2010. In the process, I've spent over a thousand bucks in application fees. Never mind, so long the head is clear.

We were all set to see admissions in VIBGYOR High but as it turned out the school had a chaotic procedure this year. Around the same time, LG fell very sick that I couldn't make it to the agreed dates for interviews and eventually canceled it. Seeing LG react and finding it difficult to get adjusted in his present playschool combined with the difficulties in communication, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I'm quite happy with the present playschool and saw no harm in letting him continue for a year more rather than pulling him out in a few months and pushing him into a bigger intimidating environment than the current one.

In parenting, decisions are endless. Every choice seems right. Coming out unscathed without a shred of guilt on the choice made, I've realized over the months is like a dream come true. And I hope this is one decision I wouldn't regret.


Unknown said...

Amen!! I totally agree with your last paragraph. It's almost impossible to come out unscathed. I felt like I was abandoning my children when I dropped them off to their first day of full time school. Well, they do like it at Inventure Academy, but decisions as to which school they must attend is one of the most difficult ones to take. Wishing you luck.

Anonymous said...

Looking into the future is a good thing. Considering the rather competitive world we live in, I wanted to look into the academics and teaching methods in school. Putting them in school for the first time itself is difficult, we don't want to have made a mistake, whereby they have to shift schools later. It is better if they settle in and remain there for the future. Having said that i recently visited Inventure Academy and was really impressed with the school, even my daughter didn't want to leave, so i can understand what Rajalaxmi is saying. They have even got absolutely fantastic IGCSE results from their first batch, so that takes care of the future. I feel more relaxed about the whole thing now that i have zeroed in on the school.