Thursday, November 13, 2008

Get Trouble Out of the Way, First!

The Horse gets to sip the milk first, followed by the car, and Buco Kiddoo - the doggy and just about anything else that's present in the drawing room at that point of time. After all this melodrama, I get Lil' General to sit on the couch for his evening Bournvita session. If he is in the mood, he will gulp it at one go else drink half way and be so stubborn that the remaining half will have to wait another one hour before it can find its way inside LG's tummy.

With the cold demon attacking him, it's been all the more tough. It's generally a protest (from him) and pleading (from me) session to see who gets their way. Often, he ends up irritated and so do I. Today, he took it upon his hands, acted cool after finishing half the cup. Then took it from me, ensured the lid was tight enough walked to the kitchen, placed it atop the counter and walked back to the drawing room with such casualness that left me dumbfounded. This coming from a 22-month-old.

In a similar act, later in the evening after nibbling tiny apple pieces, he emptied the remaining in the sink ensuring repeatedly nothing was in the plate. Then walked over to the other end and placed the clean plate in the rack. I lack the smartness to counter this kid is what I feel at times.