Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Momma's Little Helper

Every time either my FIL or I step inside home, a thorough investigation of what's there in the bag has to be carried out by LG. He opens it with great anticipation that there might be something in it for him and derives great pleasure when indeed there is something. Clothes don't interest him much. On many occasions, I've asked him if he would like to wear one shirt or the other and he would pick up a random one other than two I've held out totally oblivious if I put on something else because what he picked wasn't just right for the weather.

When we come back from grocery shopping, it goes without saying all the packets are ripped open. And, if I'm not quick enough to secure the vegetables on the kitchen platform then they meet with this fate. It works to my advantage in a way that he carefully peels layers of onions without so much as shedding a drop like the one in this picture. He is already working his way through the second onion. Considering he spent a good amount of time growing up in the kitchen until the last few months, this doesn't surprise me. If only he could talk better, I would ask him where the spices are kept.