I've heard and read only good things about Gear Innovative International School. However, strangely something about the school has always put me off. This was one of the first names I heard from people who live in my neighborhood. A few kids from our apartment study there. Also, it's the only school around Outer Ring Road and Marathahalli that follows the Montessori system so I was keen on checking the school. Good feedback raised my hopes.

I spoke to the school authorities who were very helpful in directing me on the application process. The form was available off their website so it just meant filling it up which included a essay on the child (can you believe that?) and then posting the form or handing it in person. The first time I went to visit the school was just before Dusshera. Following the directions from a friend whose son studies there, I almost made it before getting lost. The school is right in the middle of nowhere which is one of the major letdown factors for me. It's definitely not the place I would want a 2-year-old to go to. The route was so deserted with unwanted looks from odd folks on the streets, I retreated after going about 2 Kms off Outer Ring Road - a path that has no proper roads and is full of construction sites and workers lined with Eucalyptus trees on both sides. Perfect setting for a horror movie in the night :) So the first visit was a total disaster and I cam back disappointed doubly sure of not seeking admission there. So I just let it pass and started pursuing other schools.

A few weeks later, again the school was mentioned in a conversation so I decided to try one last time. I sent in he application through a friend who was going for admission. Two days later, I got a call from the school saying LG had gotten through and that I should come in and start off the formalities and enroll for the Prospective Parents Meeting to be schedule that Saturday. This time I had the school numbers handy and reached the school with a little help from the receptionist taking another route. This is when I realized I had gone back the previous time when I was only about 250 meters away from the school. This different route didn't change my mind about the location and only reaffirmed my decision of not enrolling LG here. The thought of dropping him every morning and picking up again was intimidating. A two-year-four-month-old by all means is too young to travel in a school bus by himself.

It wasn't just the location but the environs that kinda put me off. It resembled one of those residential schools or more like an ashram I should say than a school. Very quiet, hut-like-structures, and something extra serene about the place. I may change my mind next year. But until then, its a big NO for Gear. The fee is exorbitant. Since I did not attend the PPM and have not taken a tour of the school, can't comment on its facilities or interaction with the principal.

How to get there:

This can be a huge challenge. I searched on wikimapia and yahoo maps to no avail. The school authorities were of help. If yen you are coming from the Marathahalli side along the outer ring road, then when you reach the first signal after Innovative Multiplex, you will see some Durga Apartment on your left. Take that left off the outer ring road and then take the first right and keep following the mud path. The school s about 3-4 Km down that road. A hotel is coming up and there are some other construction work going on.

Alternatively, continue on the Outer Ring Road towards Sarjapur. Once you reach the signal that leads to Intel Offices, you will notice a temple arch on your left. Follow the arch and then take the first left again and keep going until you reach a dead end. There take right. The school is about 250 meters from this junction.


Soumya said...

Thanks for sharing. We are considering GEAR for our children. We are planning to stay at Adarsh palm retreat. The back entrance of the locality is 600 mts to GEAR school.We are guessing taht should cut the commute time and make it easy. I have 6 year old and a 3 year old. I have heard very good things about GEAR.

L said...

Hi Soumya,

I think it will work out good then for you, if the commute time goes down. True, I haven't heard of any negative feedback so far - the distance was the only put off for me.

Good luck with the admissions!

- Lakshmi

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing your experience.
I have also done extensive research on schools in Sarjapur road - HSR - Marthahalli - White field area. Finally zeroed in Gear.
I should say if you are in Sarjapur - Outer ring this should be the first school in your list.Yes I agree the approach road is not good. No luxurious facilities what you see in International schools.
But I haven't heard any -ve points from parents. Also I feel Gear Montessori method is much better than what is followed in other schools. The teaching is not by rote method with academics mixed with lot of skill development. During the PPM I came to know that there are many academies created by students.

One parent

Anonymous said...

Some more recent updates,

Gear is starting new schools in Sarjapur. This is in collaboration with Confident Group .The Montessori school Confident-Gear Montessori Plus ( C-GEM+) was launched this month.

These are some useful links for parents.







Bangalore Schools said...

http://www.bangaloreschools.net/2009/01/22/gear-innovative-international-school-doddakannelli-off-sarjapur-road-bangalore/ has extensive einformation and review on Gear International Bangalore

Jacky said...

Our son has been attending GEAR montessori for the last one year. Our reaction about GEAR is pretty mixed. It is too early for us to make a qualitative judgement on the teaching methodology or the content but here are a few points that could be good pointers to prospective parents:

Our interaction with the teachers has led us to believe that the quality of teachers is just average or may be as good/bad as any other school. I specifically noted that the Xth class results of GEAR are average or may be below average. The fact that they have an altogether different approach to teaching or the clai that the school focuses on developing innate talent etc can just be excuses to justify this. Extra curriculars, talent blooming etc cannot substitute for good scores especially when it is basic education.

This school is EXTREMELY money minded. I cant emphasise how money minded they are. There are different fee structures for students studying in the same class - depending on the date when admission was secured (procured?!). The selection of seats seems to be an auction!!
Even for a montessori admission, they collect money on various heads-which add up to a tidy sum.

The teachers and the principal are absolutely out of teach for parents and not approachable at all. No smiles; just frowns on their faces - always. This school has a single answer to all complaints - "thats the way we function. You can choose whether you want to have your kids here or not." This attitude becomes even more striking once the fees has been paid!

I know of a parent one of whose kids was admitted to GEAR and one of who was refused admission as she was 'not bright enough'! And remember this was admission to the montessori section! The parents of this kid had such a harrowing experience from the school for almost a year after which they decided to move their kid to another school. Needless to mention, they had to forgo almost a lakh of rupees. Dealing with the school, admin, principal and staff is an absolute torture.

Transport is another favourite money minter for this school. We enquired about the fee and found that even if we engaged a city taxi for drop and pick up for a whole year, the expenses still would not add up to the fee that the school charges. Transport charges were steeply hiked (also added was a 20K deposit!!) when the fuel prices went up mid 2008 and am sure this has not come down in spite of the fuel prices cooling off.

Please negotiate the transport charges before you pay the admission fee else you will be arm twisted to accepting the horrifying fee.

It might also be worthwhile to examine the fee increases that the school has had over the past few years. We had this uncanny feeling that once the steep admission fee has been paid, the school literally takes advantage of that fact. Hence, pre-negotiate everything from the transport fee to fees for the subsequent years (if possible!).

Our conclusion is : Its just not worth the money that you blow! Right from the location to the gurukul model (floor seating etc) appear to me as a facade for not spending any money on infrastructure. If you have a choice, give this school a miss.

Hari said...

I dont particularly agree with jacky's comments. I fell its just a case of irritation with the school and venting out on the net.

A person who really has understood the school would have said that the school compromises on basic education. When it actually goes beyond what is required by any standard.

I believe one should just do their own home work, visit the different schools in mind and take an informed decision.
When it comes to GEAR one will just need to follow the admission procedure which i feel is very transparent and effective.
All the best for your quest for the perfect school.

Viji said...

To all your info,I am a student teacher at Gear Montessori plus,I did my Montessori training course at Gear and my daughter is studying in the school for the past fout years since M0.We feel that we are blessed to have our daughter in Gear and the she is excelling in every area,has instilled interest in myself about Montessori philosophy and today I'm a Montessori teacher.The road to Gear is just been laid and now you have to go and see it,you will feel really amazing.It's a school with difference,I've experienced it myself.I am always a part of Gear family as a parent ,as a student and also a mentor.All the best for the prospecting parents!

Anonymous said...

This question is for parents whose children are in Gear and for others who are planning to put in future

Which school is your first preference?
What things to you see in any school?
Comments about Gear

Anonymous said...

Gear, when it started off some 14 yrs ago, started off on a good note with good principles. however over the years it lost it's focus and someof you have rightly pointed, it's become a money minting business more than anything else.
The attrition rate of the teachers is pretty alarming and some the teachers that they have in montessory, seem completely inexperienced in dealing with little children or understanding their psychology.
Besides, wat's horrifying is that in montessory they have 2-3 different class children sitting under one roof!!Their idea is that smaller class children can learn by observing the bigger children in the class! but when the smaller ones go to learn from the bigger kids you are summoned to let you know that your kid disturbs other children!! There was a time when there was one maid between 100 children to help them urinate / potty n also clean the toilet!!
Iknow of a friend who had returned from the US and wanted his two children to get admitted in school. He met the principal after paying some 500/- as registration fee who briefed him about the addmission process, various tests and interviews that the children would have to undertake before being admitted. Since this friend's kids were still in US completing their session, he said it was not possible for them to come mid term to take the tests. To this, to my friend's surprise the principal replied that he could block their seats by paying the full term fee in advance!! what about the tests and interviews that the principal was talking about!!
Besides, they do not have a uniform fee structure for the tution fee or the bus fee..it varies from person to person, only their donation amount seems fixed. They charge humungous fee from parents, but do not seem to pay their teachers well and that's precisely why they have a floating population of teachers! 2-3 times in one session have my kids had new teachers for the same subject.
Their bus fee and tution fee seems to be fixed in a fish market where different parents would be quoted different rates and then you can haggle for the best deal! Regarding some of the montessory teachers, they are always ready to shift the blame of a child's behaviour on to the child. If you are called for a PTM, it's more of a blame game that they play! nobody, even the principal's wife SABY -who actually runs the show of little kids, is interested in the genunine progress of the child.
Another drawback is there's a huge void between parents and teachers and the principal. Parents don't get to know what their child is learning in the class. The communication channel is verry weak. Worst still, the principal has the guts to tell the parents - why do you want to know what your child does in school. we'll let you know if we feel the need!!The principal seems busier than the PM himself! He can talk big when you meet him or when you are called for the orientation before the addmission. he can really impress you. DONOT FALL IN THAT TRAP!!
Management / administrative staff is rude!In short, do not go to this school if you have other options!

Santhanam said...

Hari, I would beg to differ on the transparency in fee structure bit. Their fee, except for the donation is completely opaque - so to say. different set of parents have been charged different tution and transport fee for the same class and same location for the same academic year! the fact that one can negotiate on the fee doesn't give a picture of a transparent system. do you call this transparency?

Anonymous said...

Folks, I would like to share fiction vs reality on GEAR using the same marketing points listed in the first screen of this website. Comments (within brackets) are the reality


CBSE - (The text books are hardly followed. Exams are set haphazardly with no correlation to what is in the books wasting the efforts of the kids & parents)


GIFTED EDU & RES FOR FOUNDATION - (run as a family enterprise by the principal and his wife)


Pre School and grade 1 to Grade 10 - (information on Grade 10 performance is sketchy and guarded)

Class Strength

approx. 25 per class - (very rarely exceeds 20, due to drop outs at regular intervals. Class room resembles a discussion room with children crowding around the teacher and no formal seating arrangement, children until Grade 1 sit on the floor)

School Type : Day and Boarding (The school charges Breakfast and Lunch fees even if the child opts to bring home meals….food quality and variety is very poor forcing most kids to opt for home meals, parents pay nevertheless, no option)

School Transport - School bus facility is available (priced at will with disparity in pricing even if kids come from the same building).

Infrastructure: (stinking toilets (kids come home to relieve themselves after 6 hours at school), leaking roofs, flooding during rains, small playground, incomplete structures)

Neither students nor the teachers carry any bags - (meaningless claim achieved by replacing books with loose papers) Notepads are provided to the students. (loose sheets are given which are a hindrance to maintaining proper record of lessons, worksheets are not shared with parents, workbooks are compulsorily withheld at school, kids are terrified to bring any class work home as teachers take strict action if ‘caught’)

Students need to file their papers according to the subject instead of carrying bulky notebooks. (a nuisance as explained before)

Chess is encouraged as a time-filler game.during small breaks. The idea is to encourage each student to concentrate and develop their thinking ability through the game of Chess . (again big gap in claim and execution….kids hardly get to play chess. The only time they play chess is once a week, 4 chess boards are to be shared by 20 children in half hour)

Basket ball : Vision is to enable children from Std. I onwards to learn the game. (just a vision, enthusiastic children are excluded from the game without any sensitivity)

The campus is very environment friendly (in the middle of undeveloped land). The amphitheatre is where our daily assembly (a mockery) is conducted with students putting up various shows everyday. The stage also serves as the viewing gallery for squash court.

Curricular and Co-curricular Activities

In addition to Squash, Tennis, Basketball, Table Tennis, Dance, Music, Theatre, there are:
Yoga, Shloka & Indian Culture, Visual Thinking & Sculpture, Indian Culture.

(all the above are the wish list of the Principal….reality is only those kids who have private tutors for these activities shine and perform in any competitive events….school’s contribution is negligible if not nil)

Admissions & Eligibility

Pre School : about 2.5 years, no admission test (decided by what you are willing to pay….cheques are made out to 7 different entities as tax evasive technique, full year’s fee collected 6 months before start of term, not refundable under any circumstances)

PRANAY said...

Guys : can you please let me know any constructive feedback you have for classes I onwards about this school. Particularly about sports?? They do not seem to have any playground ( other than Chess, Basketball, squash).

I have met the authorities and I have mixed feelings. But I am willing to take a chance ( at the moment). The philosophy and the board (CBSE ) attracts us. Some aspects were not made clear ( and we know we might have to face that challenge).

Anonymous said...

Hi Pranay,

We need to try hard to give constructive suggestions on this school! All the listed sports are only on paper and very little in action. Only students who are already good in a particular sport thanks to private coaching are encouraged to continue playing in the school at the expense of other students who are not fortunate enough to have taken that route earlier. My children never played Squash, basketball throughout the their 2 year tenure in the school for this reason, though they were very keen to play.

As for school philosophy, it is just on paper for slick marketing. Huge disappointment in its implementation.

My kids are out of GEAR and I am greatly relieved though poorer by a couple of Lakh rupees (absolutely wasted).

Anonymous said...

Dear Pranay,

Please stay away from this school if you value your child's future.

I burnt my fingers and keen that no other parent suffers the same fate again.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous,
I had a horrible experience in Gear today which forced me to look up experiences people have had at this school. My daughter studies in Gear. Today it was the sports day at school. My daughter was pretty excited about the whole thing and had been talking about it at home for a long time. Upon reaching the school we realized that there was no proper arrangements made for the kids. They were made to sit in the hot sun for 3 hours before it was their turn to participate in the event. Obviously the kids were tired and thirsty. My daughter came running to me telling me that she wanted water and just when i was giving her some water to drink , a teacher came and shouted at both of us asking her if she wanted to participate or not? the woman was so angry that she yelled at her in front of other fellow students and their parents. My child refused to go any where after that and was in tears. She thinks that she is not good enough to participate. I'am extremely disappointed at the school's attitude. I'am a teacher myself and i know the first rule of being a teacher is that you have to respect a child. Just becoz they are small does not mean that they have no self respect. If you don't have the patience then teaching is not the profession for you. I think that there is a huge gap between what the school claims and what it delivers. I'am planning to pull her out soon . Whoever says it is a good school needs to go and spend a day like a student there and then give a comment. This incident happened when i was with my child and in front of at least 20 more parents. If this can happen in front of us what would be happening to them when we are not there???

Anonymous said...

dear anonymous..
i would really appreciate your concern about your child and u said the correct thing that we can only get to know the correct feedback of a school when we think about it as a child... me being a counsellor and a psychotherapist and also a teacher can really feel the pain that your kid must have felt at that moment... u should literally make that teacher understand the real meaning of being a teacher ( with respect and kind words 4m ur side) and she must be made to realise that she has done a real big crime by shouting at your kid. she should put her kid in place of your kid and think abt what she did....

Anonymous said...

The school has put me off.

Anonymous said...

Hello all,
My kids went there for 7 years, and we had a harrowing experience. It started off well ( at least that's what we thought). We though the principal was a visionary - oh ! wrong we were !! The initial success went to his head, and his attitude towards parents worsened by the day. No questions could be asked about hygiene issues, food, academics...and if a parent was bold enough to question the principal, his/her child had it in the classwwom. A few years ago thehre was a mass exodus of students who moved to various schools in Bangalore.

We all know that no school is perfect - each parent has a different expectation, and their priorities differ. However, I want my kids to learn some basic values, and I realised that this will be impossible in GEAR !

Anonymous said...

i would like to share my experience with Gear.My 2 children are studying in Gear, and i feel that their ways amd methods of teaching are very good. I am speaking from my personal experience and feel that the teachers are very cordial and co-operative. The teachers and Principal might seem unaproachable prior to admission, but once ur child is in the school, they are readily available. You need to send a note or call up the office requesting a meeting, and it is generally fixed. They have an internal mailing circle and the Principal is always aproachable there.You only need to send a mail to him .
Their method of teaching needs a special mention. My children have been studying in the school since
Mont. The teachers take pain to clear the concepts of children. Instead of rote learning they educate the child about its origin, clear the concepts.
children are encouraged to ask questions, and think out of box. The questions are framed so as to encourage more questions, be it in xams or weekend worksheets.

Students are spared the weight of books. There books and worksheets are kept at school and they need to carry just one file on daily basis. every weekend they are given one subject book and workbook to keep the parents abreast about the progress in school.
Also, since the quetions at the end of the chapters are only for students to practice in school and are not to be memorised , the books are not needed on a daily basis.

There might be some questions regarding the differences in fee structure for diffetent students. However, spending some time with a well informed staff will ease the situation. Once the fee structure is well understood, its easy to comprehend (though a little on the higher side).

There are some areas which need certain improvement , however their teaching method is one of the best in Bangalore.

A very satisfied parent.

Anonymous said...

Its the worst school ever......

Anonymous said...

This school is a strict NO!....Don't fall for the Principal's "Vision"..He is never been a visionary.....His "Vision" is for money...He is a perfect idiot who just talks about multiple intelligence...He can only talk.....that too, to parents who just listen....He can never stand parents who question him....He is a miserable excuse for a human being....NEVER SEND YOUR KIDS THERE....The School actually be renamed REVERSE GEAR.....

Anonymous said...

Is M.Srinivasan the Principal of Gear replying to some comments....looks like....

Anonymous said...

its a great school to put ur kids in. my experiences , so far has been very good.
my little girl looks forward to going to school, and just loves her teacher.
i would recommend gear over other schools for ur kids.

Anonymous said...

if u are referring to the comments of 'a very satisfied parent' and thinking that its ter principal of the school replying himself, then you are very wrong. you feel the school is not good, and posted your experiences. I feel that the school is quite good, and have shared my experiences.

my kids are in the school for the past 6 yrs. so far i have never had any difficulty meeting the teachers. On most occassions i did not even have to introduce myself. This is not only in my case. I have noticed that the teachers mostly recognise the Parents and know their child's name.

I have also seen some very misbehaved parents who on petty issues start misbehaving. if they are given any instructions (be it labeling the child's belongings, or picking up their children after school), they do not follow it. later when there are some confusions, they do not hesitate a bit to blame the management.

We had some issues regarding transport. When we approached the management , they readily had discussion and sorted out the issue.

why should i not share my good experiences , if i had one. In my case i have had quite a no. of good experiences.

no doubt , there are certain areas where my expectation levels are not met (for ex. the way they celebrate their annual day and sports day) but why should that blind me to the good things that this school has to offer.

also, believe me , all the schools are there for minting money only. and 99% of them do not give the value for money. we have to see that of them which are better, and I find Gear far better that others.

AND, I have no stake in the management, neither am i related to anyone there. ALSO, I m NOT the Principal in disguise.
My sole interest are my two kids studying there.

A very happy parent

Anonymous said...

Ah...ha....Good!! "A Very Happy Parent"....Advocating Gear!!!.....If you are a parent of two kids studying in GEAR, you are in a trap yourself...and Perhaps you are not aware of this ...Don't lure other parents and kids into the same trap....FOR THE OTHER PARENTS AND KIDS PLANNING TO GO IN TO THIS SCHOOL....
KEEP AWAY FROM GEAR INNOVATIIVE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.....Remember Its not "multiple intelligences" that get fostered here, (as claimed by the Principal)....Its Multitude of stupidities (Reality)....The School is a Bermuda Triangle.....run by THREE IDIOTS....SRINI, SAVY AND SEENA...The perfectly stupid and evil TRIAD.

Anonymous said...

This is reply to Anonymous- Comment at 12/22/2011 6:27 AM.........

What you said is true.....my Kids had some horrible experiences in this School.......



1. No Trained Teachers

2. Pathetic Infrastructure

3. "International" in its Name is misleading.

4. The Lady...Mentioned...Savy is Savitri the Principals wife...and Seena was a receptionist once.

5. Except the Slick Marketing of "Intelligence" there is nothing in the school which is any where near "Intellegence"

6. The Management (The Triad Mentioned) and the Teachers have no basic manners.Failed B.Tech's, MCA's, BCA's, inept MBA's are the ones who teach. Most teachers have no training.

7. Teachers are mostly bored housewives and mothers of Children in the School. Totally worthless.

8. The School is in deep financial mess. The Principal partnered with a Rich Private Banker once. He was the one who funded the building and most of the Land. The Banker was cheated by the Principal. So he went away. Now the Principal has an unholy nexus with Bootleggers, so that he can get his school financed.

9. Point 8 explains why the School is very money minded.


Try PRIMUS....TISB...INDUS INTERNATIONAL....DPS....all these are schools in the vicinity....VIBGYOR....etc....

CAUTION: All schools want to make money.Without money they can't run the school...but GEAR WANTS ONLY MONEY.

Thank you.

A Very Very Happy Parent
(Ever since I pulled my children out of this hell called GEAR INNOVATIVE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL)

Anonymous said...

no point in having any meaningful discussion with u. i have a strong feeling that u have some personal grudge against the school and its management, so obviously u are not ready to see my point of view.
anyways, we both have our own opinion, and let other parents be better judge.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the above negative comments about Gear innovative school are really true. Don't put your kids in this school. I had a very bad experience. They encourage the kids with bulling attitude.
They needs kids with show off attitude. Extra curricular is complete no. Don't put them in after school extra classes for extra money. Its waste of money and time and energy. They get publicity with talented kids who learn thing from outside with their own effort. The school has nothing to develop or give exposure or send kids to outside competition or motivate them. The talented kid will be spoiled here.

Parent of a Mont 1 Kid said...

Gear Innovative International School is one of the worst schools in Bangalore.

They try to retain the students, by collecting the tution fee for the next academic year atleast 6 months in advance.

If they don't collect the tution fee in advance not a single student would be around.

Even then, there are a lot of parents who pull away their wards mid-academic.

The property in which the school is situauted is under litigation. The management (Principal and Family) are very much interested in litigation.

There are not at all interested in the affiars of the school and the welfare of the students.

They need only money, and they push it out to fight court cases.
Don't send your Kids to this School.

Many parents are struggling to pull their kids from here.

The school is totally worthless.

I have a kid in Mont1 and I am trying to pull him out. There are many others like me.

A Parent said...

To the attention of all:

I had to get my two children out of Gear.

My son was in class 9. I complained to the Principal about the tecahing. To my surprise, he asked me take my kid out. As if that was not enough, he also asked me to pull out my daughter studying in the 4th Standard. This was after he collected the fees.

All the negative comments about the school are true. The school is very money minded

I lost couple of lakhs here.


Truth said...


How much does Srninivasan pay you?

So, I am right. Most of the Teachers are mothers of students!

You can't call your self a teacher by doing a Mont Training at Gear!

You need a Graduate Degree(at least) and a B.ed!

How many teachers in Gear have that?



A Gear Cub said...

Gear is a biggest Fraud ever.

Perverted Thinking,called Divergent thinking by a Goon called the Principal.

Fools rush in. Where Angles fear to tread!


Class XII student said...

Gear Innovative International school, Doddakkanalli, Bangalore, is not a school. It was created to meet the Principal's greed. You will find the most idiotic Teachers here. There are only a few teachers, but most of them a idiots. They cannot clear any doubts. They can't even speak or write proper English. They are really bad. No one should put their children in Gear Innovative International school.

I am just waiting for this academic year, to get over, and get out of this school. There are no classes. I am spending a lot of money on tutions since the School does not teach anything

This School is a torture.

Please, Please, Please stay away from Gear Innovative International School.

Truth said...

Ah! Gear is in Reverse Gear!

Shyma said...

The Principal of Gear Innovative International School does not know how to behave with Parents and Kids.

The Principal looks at everybody going to meet him with suspicion.

The Teachers there, are also an ill behaved lot.

There is on teacher called Savee. This one is very rude to children.

Parents who love their children should not sent them to Gear Innovative International School

sj said...

My kid is going to Gear school from last 4 years. Since from the begining I had feeling that school is not very transperernt in fee structure. I remembe when I attended initial meeting with Principal with the prospective parents, he told about the fee structure and he would increase 5-10% in fee based on inflation etc.. When kid joined it was some 30k+ fees, now after four yeards he will go to 1standards in the next year the new fee structure for standard is 64K. This more than 100% increase. Even transportation and other charges are seems be high now the total fees for my kid is comming to 1 LAKH. Now I am shocked too see this fee structure for 1 standards students.

Coming to teaching, I felt they teach little differently but it is not necessary that your child will learn it all that. We have to help our kid at home to understand the concepts they team in the school.

So I am thinking of moving out of school, pls sugest some schools around marathhalli with reasonable fee structure. Any one has idea how is the DPS, NPS, other reputed schools fee structure for 1 standard kids

Anonymous said...

Hi to all those who hate GEAR .. I was stunned to hear lots of voices speak up the truth about GEAR ... Yes it is the worst school ... My son is studying in that school now ... I think 50% of the school students have plans of changing the school . You want to know why ..The same reasons that all the hate mails have mentioned ... I have nothing to deduct from that or add to it..everybody have said it all including the pathetic state of toilets ...... Some of us are iterating a few options of schools at hand ...Some of my friends already took admission at ather schools .. You will come to know of the alarming state of the school only if you look closely at the system there ... But I would request the parents not to do that ..If you plan on doing it..make it a point to seach for a good school as a back up plan ....

A Parent (Class XI Student) said...

True! My daughter is in class XI in this school.

I have decided to move her to a better school for class XII

Guess What? The Principal has started asking for the next years' fee now itself.

I have refused to pay.

People say that he will refuse to issue the Transfer Certificate.

My daughter informed me that he did not issue the T.C to someother student in class XI, during the academic year. He also tried to intimidate the parents of the child.But the The parents were real real tough! They went to the police and the Principal was summoned to the Police Station, by a very senior police officer.The Principal had to issue the T.C through the police station.

So much for gifted education!... Please stay away from this school. All the negative comments about this school are true.

The Principal and the teachers there and the school in total are worthless.

The Principal can only talk.

Recently the idiotic Principal has stuck a notice on the gate and it reads..."Principal can be met only with prior Permission, this is considering the safety of children and Teachers"....

How does anyone meeting the Principal endanger the children and Teachers?

You will find only stupidity in this school.

I think Srinivasan ( The Principal) is mad! So is his wife Savi and the other lady Seena. Please stay away from this trio and the School.


A Parent


Exodus: Old Meaning:
A journey by a large group to escape from a hostile environment
Exodus: New Meaning:
Students, rushing out of Gear Innovative International School to escape the hostile environment.
Every bit, of all the negative comments about this school is true.
This School makes a mockery of education. The Management thinks that a few photographs and videos on their website will help them sell the school.
Eric Cornel???? Prof. J. Renzulli???? Prof. Howard Gardner??????Prof. Ellen Winner????? British council award??? Dropping the names of important people and organizations!
Read what? FRAUD!!!
Look through the reviews of all the other schools in Bangalore. You will not find such a lot of negative comments about any other school. Say no this imposter /fraudster called Srinivasan.
Don't fall for these lines in his website.
I quote from it……
"Our founder had a close interaction with Prof. Howard Gardner, the pioneer of Multiple Intelligences and Prof. Ellen Winner, an authority on Gifted Education. They shared insights into the status of education all over the world”
A 100% lie!!!!
This man, Srinivasan the founder and the Principal of the School is a liar and a fraud!!
Referring books on criminology....Srinivasan’s profile is that of a fraudster’s.
Srinivasan should be tried in a court of law for spoiling the future of innocent children, and cheating parents, by talking about gifted education ,innovation..etc...Srinivasan thinks that by stealing a little (here it is a lakh or more) from a lot of people is not as "up close and personal" as it would be in the case of an individual victim or a small group. Srinivasan the Principal of Gear Innovative International School has a sense of superiority bordering on narcissism. He also has a ferocious faith in the rightness of whatever he is doing. He has a tendency to surround himself with sycophants and organizational conformists who are easily dominated. He is very impatient with criticism.
The man also suffers from narcissistic personality disorder usually found in fraudsters. According to the Diagnostic manual for Mental disorders, narcissistic personality disorder is a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, a need for admiration and lack of empathy for others…………………….. They are likely to have inflated views of their own accomplishments and abilities.....They derive a sadistic pleasure from intimate interpersonal betrayal. (That is what happens when Srinivasan talks to the parents during the initial admission). They are impulsive, amoral, uncontrolled and detached from normal relationships! They are an unusually sick group in terms of mental health and an unusually antisocial group in terms of lack of regard for others. These Individuals show no genuine remorse for their actions. They offer superficial justifications for having hurt others.
If you look though the negative comments, you will find one thing in common. BETRAYAL!!!!!!!!
This man has psychological problems. Please stay away from him and the School!

Shiv said...

I feel there is something that is seriously wrong with this school. My daughter studies in grade V.It appears to me that the staff and management here have something to hide. They are not at all transparent. Meeting the Principal is problem. I had requested a meeting with him many times, but always ended up meeting a lady called Siena in the office. How could a school principal be so busy? I have decided to move my daughter out of here. I am going to put her VIBGYOR next year. My daughter has been here for a couple of years. There is very limited interaction between the Staff & Management and the parents. There is no uniform fee structure. The school never advertises the fee structure. From all this and the comments that I have read, I think I can be fairly certain that there is something rotten here. Certainly, the schools claim about gifted education is just hogwash. My experience with the school has been very bad.

Pavan Kumar said...

Dear All,

Please see details of cases against Gear Innovative International School.


S.No State Name District Name Case No Complainant Respondent Date Of Judgement
1 Karnataka Bangalore 3rd Additional EA/58/2010 G.S.S Pavan Kumar Gear Innovative International School 23/12/2011

2 Karnataka Bangalore 3rd Additional CC/73/2009 GSS Pavan Kumar and GVMM Madhavi The Chairman and the Principal, 30/04/2009

3 Karnataka Bangalore 4th Additional EA/2010/155 Rashmi S.Prakash Gear Innovative International School 01/04/2011

A Parent and Doctor said...

Dear all,
The Imposter-Fraudster M. Srinivasan, Founder-Principal of Gear "Innovative International" School, has now hit upon an "Innovation"
He has modified his website with "TESTIMONIALS".
This time he has ‘dropped names’ of Indian Dignitaries, and removed all “International”, exception being Eric Cornel
Thank you

Gpt said...

The deteriorating standards of this school are evident from the crowd of parents that came in to watch the MI Act. (Multiple Intelligence Act …) The crowd was much less compared to yesteryears. Many of the parents have decided to move their children out of this school. As one parent has commented more than 50% of the existing students might leave the School. I am going to move my kid out of the school for sure. I have suffered this agony for the past five years.

Arrogance and ineptitude are the only things that you find in the Teachers and the Management. Another point I want to make is, that all the good teachers have quit the school. The only Teachers who are left in the school are the ones who cannot get employed in any other School. For certain this is not a place where any parent would want to put their children.

An Ex- Teacher at Gear said...

Let me share my experience with the school. I am a post graduate in Science. I worked as an untrained teacher in this school for a little more than one year. On joining the school as a teacher, I was asked to deposit my original certificates in the school. As I was keen on doing my B.Ed, I decided to resign after working in the school for more than 17 months and gave the school my letter of resignation, after meeting all the conditions of the notice period. But the Management of this School wanted money, to give me back my original certificates. Retaining the original certificate of teachers is against the CBSE rules. The management harassed me a lot. Initially I thought of complaining to the Authorities. But since I needed the original certificate urgently, I had to give them Rs.18,000/- to get my certificates back.
The School management is a horrible one. They only want money. Gear Innovative International School is not only a bad place for students, but also for Teachers.
It’s true that only teachers who cannot get jobs in any other place will remain here.
I have now completed my B.Ed and joined a very reputed school. They pay me a very good Salary and have not retained my original certificates.
I have seen comments from parents asking other parents not to put their children in this School. But I am also requesting all teachers who might be looking for a job in this school, not to venture into it. The school is a torture for both students and Teachers.

Dominus litis said...

Dear Ex-Gear Teacher,

1. You should not have paid the money.

2. As you have said it is very clearly mentioned in the CBSE's Affiliation Bye-laws, that schools cannot retain the original certificates of Teachers and other Employees.

Let me quote from it.

Section 2.10 clause 3.

“The school should have well defined conditions of service as per norms of State/U.T.
Government and should issue letters of appointment to the employees at the time of
joining service and should also sign a contract of service. The contract should be
similar to the format given in AppendixIII in these Bye-laws or in the form prescribed by the
State/U.T. Government, in case the act of the State/U.T. Provides so. The
period of probation should normally be one year extendable for another year. In case the
management is not satisfied with the performance, the same should be brought to the notice
of the employees concerned in writing. Probation should not be extended beyond two years
and the Management should arrive at a decision to confirm the teacher or not before the end
of the probationary period”.

Section 2.10 Clause:8

“The Management of the schools shall not retain the original degree/diplomas certificates of the
teachers and other employees of the school with them. The original certificates etc. taken for
verification shall be returned at the earliest after verification. Photostat copies may be obtained
from the employees and kept in their personal files”.

You should have done the following:

1. Write a letter to the CBSE
2. Wait for their action
3. If the CBSE fails to act
File a writ in the High court, (The School and the CBSE to be Parties) praying to the court for a mandamus to the CBSE to conduct an inquiry and get you the certificate. Matter resolved!
The Management would have given you the certificate. You could have then filed a case for compensation against the management for causing mental harassment by holding your certificate and also lost job opportunities..... Instead of paying money to the management they would have paid you.

Any way I liked the comment, as it will serve as a caution & advisory to anyone trying to join the school run by a malicious management.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

As, much has been said and done I would like to say that it is neither all positive nor all negative about this school
1.This school focusses on MI or multiple intelligences, It is not just a speech but it is practised in the school
2.The school does not believe in rote learning. The students do not mug up but they are tested on the concepts they know.So they write only 2 or 3 sentences as answers and there are no essay questions being asked.
3. They have 10 English words everyday to analyse and 5 maths sums to do everyday which increases their speed and vocabulary in Maths and English
4. There are lot of assembly activities and almost all students take part in that.The students are trained to face the audience and speak about what they know.
5.They have test every Monday which tests their ability in Maths, Science, Creative english,innovation etc.
6. The students are given worksheets every Friday which is not just copying from the text and writing but analysing and presenting.
7.Chess is promoted in the school and most of the students play chess really well. There is a full-time staff to teach chess.
8, Children are asked multiplication tables every week in the assembly.
1. The school’s infrastructure needs attention especiallly toilets and laboratories.
2. The booklet system which the school follows is a mess since students do not maintain it well and tend to tear the papers from it.
2.The classroom atmosphere is an unrestricted one where each child is free to do what he/she likes and this causes lot of indiscipline in the class.
4. Students are not trained to write essay type answers, and since the school is affliated to CBSE this may be a problem when the students reach 10th grade.
5.There are no strict rules in the school and the principal only believes in inspiring the children to do and not forcing to do(this results in some students studying while others may be work hard).
6. It is true that Seena who is the Vice Principal does not have any skills to run the school
7. The attrition rate of the school is 80% and every day we see a new face in the school as a teacher.
8.Many of the attrition is related to the manner in which the teachers are being treated.I have personally witnessed the attrition of some of the finest teachers.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with Jacky's and last Anonymous comments.. very unprofessional and money-minded management with little regards for communication and interaction with parents.. I don't think they want parents to talk to each other..