Monday, November 24, 2008

The Taste of Maggi

During our growing up years, there were no McD's or CCD's to indulge in French Fries over the weekend. Outside food was restricted to once a month outing when we ate lunch at Kamat Cafe. This was about 20 years ago. I remember how excited my brother and I would be for this day of the month because it meant dining out. All the other delicacies that we resort to buying from shops today out of ease were made at home then by mom ranging from biscuits to cakes and chole bature. Junk food was not in the lexicon at all.

Then a few years later, Maggi came along to qualify as the only junk food we ever had. Well, not really because so many veggies were added to make the non-healthy food healthy. Again, those were lucky Sundays when one had Maggi instead of the traditional Pongal, Upma, Dosa or Poori. In many ways, LG's food until now resembles that for he has been exposed very little to food bought outside - maybe just once or twice. We don't stock junk food at home either unless if I'm going through a bout of low BP when you'll find plain salty Lays packet. Last Friday, when he got back from school I made Maggi for him. Naturally, he couldn't contain the excitement of seeing something new and colorful: green peppers, carrots and beans. Atta Maggi sans masala prepared with vegetables and a pinch of salt and pepper made his lunch. He was only happy to finish the plate so much so that he can relate to what he ate when he sees the ad on TV now.


Lavs said...

I love Maggi and till date remember my excitement when I come home to see that mom had made maggi for tiffin!!