Friday, November 14, 2008

I Need a Magic Wand! that I can just disappear for a while and come back at my wish! I wonder how mothers manage with two kids who are under two. That calls for some patience and I have no words to express my admiration for them. As it is with one, I am often perched on the ceiling.

The past fortnight has been quite rough with LG contracting a viral infection on his first day at school. Just when I thought he was getting alright last Friday, it relapsed - this time from me. And it has just gotten worse over the days with his crankiness multiplying by 100 times every day. The day before and yesterday in particular was hard on him and on me. Refusing to go to anyone else, he positioned himself comfortably on my shoulder all day for most of his waking time. Considering he napped for about 1.5 hours yesterday, I was lugging around a 10+ heavy boy on my shoulders for what seemed like ages. With long feeding sessions followed by a throwing up and cleaning cycle soon after in good measure, I had a wonderful time.

As if it weren't enough, the lady at work requested to do two pieces. Which meant I sat up until past midnight with words barely coming out of my head and fingers refusing to type away, it took forever to get work done. No sooner than I got into bed, that LG started coughing so hard I felt bad for the kid. Had to keep propping his head high on the pillow and lay him on his back to soothe his throat. But as is his habit, he went back to sleeping on his tummy making the cough worse. Another sleepless night, another tiring day.

But last night was a lot better. And I realized one thing. Getting on the bed is so soothing and comforting after a long day - something I haven't experienced since my working days when I looked forward to crash in.

We have an interview scheduled at one of the schools today. But we will barely make it with the kid running temperature and fast asleep now. So the school trip will have to be replaced with a visit to the Paed.

Just hope it gets better over the weekend.