Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dolchie : New Addition to the Family

Dear LG,

Known as Dolchie to you and Dolphie to me, the pink-and-white teddy was born on 16th Nov '08 around 17:32 hrs. We got her home wrapped in pink and you fed her her first glass of bournvita making a fuss to drink it yourself. The bonding has grown ten times this past week as Dolphie made this her home. She sleeps on the bed next to you hugging you through your afternoon naps and at night. Once you wake up every morning, after snuggling up to me the first thing you ask for is Dolchie in the cute voice of yours sounding low so as not to wake her up. The beaming smile once you see her in a corner of the bed cosying under a blanket says it all as to how much happiness she brings in to your life.

Often, you ensure that she has a pillow under her pointed head and you keep her warm by covering her with the soft woolen blanket that I'd be happy to be see you tucked in through the night instead. Bournvitas, water and juice are now shared between the two of you. You insist on taking her for a walk with you every morning but it's a little tow much to lug around both of you so we leave her behind now. You are lavish in your kisses with Dolchie whereas Momma has to plead for one. You were keen on getting her a haircut yesterday along with you. One thing that's still intriguing about her is you are not quite able to find where her ears are. You are able to point out her eyes and nose but not the rest. Recently, you insisted that Dolchie do susu in the bathroom along with you and when she didn't you poured your glass of water on her tail finding it amusing.

The other members of the family especially your brother Buco Kidoo is not very happy at this new found friendship for he has been displaced from his rightful place on your bed to the toy's room. Dolchie goes on those lovely car rides now from NY to Malibu. Neither BK nor granny seem to be appreciating this. Well, I just hope this friendship of yours stays forever and maybe it's time to introduce Dolchie to the rest of the family.

Your momma.