Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Gross Moments of the Day

There are some days when one is subjected to more than a tolerant measure of gross tricks (read : embarrassing moments) from one's own kids. Today was one such that I'd rather forget never existed. There were times when I felt like disappearing into oblivion or just rewinding time and ensuring it didn't happen again. How bad can it get is what you are wondering right? Wait until you finish reading the post.

To begin with, which sane human being would put their hands inside the toilet bowl to tease one's mom? I'd rather not describe it in detail. And, yes please don't start off on what I was up to while LG immersed his hand in the clean bowl. Moms need wash their faces at times and get ready to step out of the house. The lid is always shut and who would have imagined in 9.7 seconds, a 22-month-old kid can actually push open the bathroom, flush the already clean toilet, open the lid and immerse his hand to irritate his mom for fun. Not funny in the least!

A few minutes later we go down for a walk. He is potty trained completely but not yet for urination. So I wouldn't term his susu session accidents - they are natural. I believe he understands that he needs to go to the bathroom every time he has a urge but he has fun doing it all over the place that I've no idea how to impress upon him this is not right. About three months back, for almost two weeks he did it in the toilet every time of the day with no accidents at all. And then out of no where he draws fun doing it in the kitchen, on top of the mattress, in the common area of the apartment - it just gets crazy at times. Today of all places, he climbs over his granny's mattress to relieve himself. Yet another time today, while I was changing him downstairs near the garden area, he peed on my hand! Not a proud moment. And followed it up with a second session in front of the flat so much so that it drew a concerned remark from someone who was observing, "Haven't you trained him yet?"

I wonder if there's a boundary for experimentation and a limit to the inquisitiveness. LG was in no mood for his fruit session this evening. But a while later, he opens the fridge to fetch a chickoo; runs into the toy room to get a bat and promptly calls, "Mamma Mamma, ba (for bat) and boi (chickoo for ball). In one shot he smashed the chikoo with the bat before I could react."

These are the moments I should remember before planning for the next one. Seriously.