If you have a son like LG, it's wise to ensure you're carrying your purse (with money ofcourse) before stepping out of home. I believe very strongly that he has taken after my brother in this character trait. My brother, as a kid, was known to throw tantrums in the middle of the road if he didn't get what he wanted. My mom often cites the incident when my brother was a 5-year-old and we were visiting a temple near Madurai. After the darshan when it was time to board the bus (autos were unaffordable those days), he refused to leave unless mom got him a bottle of Limca. He argued that he was so thirsty that he might even collapse if he didn't drink something in the next five minutes. It's a no-brainer to guess who had his way.

In more ways than one, my dear son has taken after his mama. I try my best not give in to every demand. He makes it very embarrassing for me at times with his high-pitched shrill sounds. Last Saturday evening, we were on our way to the temple as is customary every week. There is a huge showroom on the way which goes on to mean one will encounter numerous hawkers too. There is this guy who sells wind-fans (I don't know what you call them) - it's this colorful circular thing held by a stick that rotates in the air - for Rs.10. Sometimes when I'm on my visits to the temple alone, I get them for LG. This time however he saw it for himself and got down from my shoulder insisting I buy it immediately. I distracted him and led him on the path to the temple. We wouldn't have gone very far when he saw another hawker selling balloons. Now he understands what balloons are and can actually say "ba ba..". Not wanting to disappoint the child again, I gave in and bought him one. Which in turn meant peaceful moments at the temple.

He has an eagle-eye for toy shops that line the street. So I have to be watchful even if we are going to buy vegetables. I don't give in so easily as my FIL does. Yesterday morning, I believe he created a huge ruckus until he got a new ball from the FIL. Again not proud moments. I guess it's alright to a point where these cost Rs. 5 to Rs.10. Since he obviously doesn't understand the difference between asking for a balloon that costs Rs. 5 and a cycle that costs Rs.3000, it's for us to exercise caution and not convey wrong signals. The question is not whether I can or I can't! By giving in to every demand now, I'd rather not want him to grow up thinking mom can buy everything and not value money.