The last time Li'l General had a bout of dysentery was when he got his first pearlies at five months. After that, we haven't had a diarrhea episode in like 1.5 years. Trouble began last week when he passed watery stools for more than 3 times a day. I let it pass the first day but it got me worried when the frequency increased to more than 4 times in a span of 6 hours. I usually have all his medication handy. This time I failed to notice that Pegtoline Plus that he is usually prescribed for loos motions was opened. As a practice, I throw the bottle once opened after completion of dosage that time. It is advised not to use pediatric medicines once opened after 30 days. So I generally stock the cabinet with a new bottle. Pegtoline Plus is not available in Bangalore so had to call up his Paed in Pune for an alternate medicine. He was prescribed Nor Metrogyl this time.

Medicines are usually the last resort - for a time when I start getting worried. Until then, I believe in home remedies. For dysentery, these are a few things that have helped me :

1. Electral solution at frequent intervals. Urinating atleast once in 4 hours is a sign of not being dehydrated. However, if you feel your kid is not active and rolls back in bed, signs of dehydration are setting in. Feel the sunken spot in the head and look out for dry lips. Keep giving liquids. Loose motions along with vomiting, set in dehydration quickly and it is best to seek medical help.

2. Avoid milk as much as possible. LG was very hungry and it was only 6 in the morning. He kept asking for milk. I wasn't sure what to do. Granny advised diluting the milk and feeding him. I did that and it didn't lead accentuate loose motions. It also helped LG settle for a while and by then it was breakfast time.

3. Sabudana - again with very little milk and more of water and sugar. You can either soak it before hand and then boil it with milk and water. Or alternately, if you haven't soaked it you can fry it a bit, grind it in the mixer and then mix with water and milk until it thickens.

4. Arrow Root Powder - This mixture to be prepared in the same way as Sabudana helps a great deal in controlling loose stools.

5. Go easy on gheee (avoid if possible) and anything that's gassy or difficult to digest.