Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fixing His Drink

There are certain activities that Li'l General likes to do by himself, not appreciating any interference in the process. One of them is fixing his favorite drink : tang, that he calls "tchuice" (read: juice). The meticulous process makes me wonder if he sometimes acts too old for his age. The kid insists on getting a spoon first, then reaches for the container from the rack full of plastic boxes filled with spices, and finally fetches the thermos containing his hot water. Once the ingredients are in place, he looks around for his yellow water sipper adding two spoons of tang first and then calling out "mama, mama" because the flask is too tight to be opened for a two-year-old. Sometimes he does manage to open but knowing its hot, he doesn't risk pouring out the hot water and waits for me to prepare his drink. Once ready, he chooses a quiet corner where he can finish it at peace. There are times, when he asks for more else the sipper goes in the sink to be washed for use the next time around.

One of things that I would like to remember as part of his growing up days is that he hates the house to be dirty. He either says, "aai" (read: dirty) if there's a morsel left on his high chair or if something's spilled on the floor and we've been like 34 seconds late in cleaning it. This evening, my FIL was sipping his tea when he accidentally spilled it over. He wanted to finish drinking before cleaning. But LG who had been observing insisted on opening the utility door to get a cloth to wipe the surface clean. I was done with my cuppa when he walked over to me to watch the Hutch ad on the laptop. The finished cup which was by our side bothered him so much so that he walked away mid-ad (something he's never done before) to deposit the cup in the kitchen sink before placing him back on my lap. Do I see a Monk in the making?


Vivek said...

I think he is taking too much to your cleanliness genes :))