Saturday, November 15, 2008

What does one do when the power goes out?

Curse the infrastructure, the Government for reckless handling? Light candles? Get a torch or emergency light and watch your step if it's dark?

Not really..if you are like Li'l General and have an inverter. LG does it in sequence once power goes out. Seeing the red light on the meter for the high load phase is not glowing, he goes on to check if momma has switched off the fridge, then checks if the inverter is buzzing meaning it has come to life, then climbs on the sofa to switch on a fan to make doubly sure there is power in the other phase.

Once these items in the checklist are crossed, he fetches the torch to inspect why the light inside the fridge isn't working. The boy clearly isn't paying attention, is he? We just switched off the fridge. Considering, there is no electric supply for nearly 8 hours in Bangalore of late and power cut happening once every two hours, LG has a lot of work on his hands to go through the routine every time. No wonder he is a busy man!

[Inspecting the insides of fridge with torch in broad daylight. Rules are rules after all; who said torch is not needed during the day?]


Timepass said...

so cute..Am reading ur blog after a long time. Ur earlier posts r very informative and useful now that my little one is around.

L said...

Welcome back. Thank you and congratulations on your little one!